Casa Bonita Divers

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Ooh! Steve Sucks!

D'oh! Jordan suck!

Hurray, We rule!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey! Actual diving in my diving Blog!

No ladders or stairs. We had to climb the rocks in order to dive.
Cartmen would have never made it to the top of the waterfall so easily.

Setting up for the dive. Notice that I am not wearing speedos like the diver in South Park.

Screw that.

The most frequently asked question was, how deep is the water?

14 feet. We touched the bottom almost every time.


Bart's gonna knock some teeth out. Specially that Lilly-livered Sheriff!
Easily the character that was the most fun to play.

Chiquita, the 500 pound baby gorilla is pissed. He doesn't want to do the trick.
He would much rather cause a riot though the restaurants.
Yeah, that sounds like fun.


Here are some of my favorite people coming to visit me at Casa. The guy who lookes like he's laughing and has his eyes closed is my buddy Paul. The girl opposite him is my wonderful younger sister, Charis. In the middle is my beautiful girlfriend Lindsay. And last but not least is my bigger brother, Travis, who turned me into the Hulk in the previous post. He's not actually that small, he's really just further away(if you couldn't tell).

Hulked Out Diver

I was online the other day and I did a search for Casa bonita out of shear boredom. I found that there are not a lot of cool photos of any performances that occur there. I thought, well I have a lot of pictures. I'll post on a blog and blammo! problem solved. I'm a hero. This first one was altered my bro Travis. He thought I looked like I was Hulking out.
And thus the blog begins with this.